Dental Implants – Cosmetic Dentistry In Southeast Michigan

Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry In Southeast Michigan

It seems that most people, when they think about dental implants think of them mostly from a cosmetic dentistry perspective. While dental implants can improve your appearance they can also serve several other purposes too. Dental implants can serve to help hold partial dental plates or dental bridges. But a dental implant can also serve a far greater purpose. Dental implants can help to strengthen your jaw and also to help reduce bone loss that comes as a result of missing teeth.

Our natural teeth help to strengthen and preserve our jaw bones. If you’re missing teeth, over time you will begin to notice that in the area that the teeth are missing from, the gum and jaw seems to recede. Your natural teeth help to stimulate the growth and regeneration of jaw bones. By replacing missing teeth with dental implants that area that has started to disappear will once again be stimulated and the jaw will become denser and stronger.

A dental implant is inserted by an oral surgeon. An area of the gum is separated and a tiny peg is inserted into the jaw bone once a small hole has been drilled for placement. Over a short period of time, your bones begin to form around the new implant to hold your implant permanently in place. While your newly implanted peg is setting up in your mouth and the gums begin to form around the new tooth, you will receive a temporary tooth over the new peg. In a few weeks you will schedule another appointment with your dentist who will monitor the progress of your new dental implant. Your dentist will make any corrections that may be required and will once again schedule another appointment for you.

During your next appointment, your implant dentist will remove the temporary tooth and replace it with a permanent tooth. Your dentist will also make any adjustments needed to assure that any other dental appliances that you may have are properly fitted with your new tooth.

Your dental implant will improve your appearance by helping your face to have a fuller, more natural appearance and in the case where your formerly missing tooth was readily visible, the spot that was empty will be filled with a tooth. If you have dental appliances such as a partial denture or a dental bridge, those pieces will be held in place better than in the past with your dental implant. As a result, your overall health may improve by being better able to chew food properly, thus taking a lot of stress off of your digestive system Blood flow and bone stimulation in the mouth will also improve.

Dental implants are great for cosmetic dentistry purposes, but as you can see there are numerous additional benefits associated to dental implants.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with one of the qualified dental implant specialists of the Cambridge Dental Group to discuss your situation and help you to learn more about dental implants and how they can help you.

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