Dental 101: Getting to Know Root Canal Treatment

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Deciding on having a tooth extracted is never easy. Aside from the possible pain, patients also worry about having a gap in their jaw. There is more to missing a tooth than just a cosmetic concern; it can gradually worsen over time until the jaw weakened and more teeth are lost. That is why dentists highly recommend patients to practice proper oral care at home and schedule routine appointments.

However, if a person fails to do so, they are more likely to develop a tooth infection. In the past, the only solution people have is to opt for extraction. Although there are various dental restorations available, it is still best to keep the natural teeth intact. How can this be possible? At Cambridge Dental Group, we are committed to providing what is best for our patients. So for those who are suffering from a tooth infection, we offer root canal treatment! To know more about this service, we prepared a list of the most common questions about it.

root canal treatment

What is root canal, and why is it necessary?

A root canal also referred to as endodontic treatment, is performed by dentists to treat the affected inner portion of the tooth. It becomes necessary if the dental pulp, which is located in the center of a tooth, becomes inflamed and infected. If this condition is left unattended, it can lead to pain and formation of an abscess.

The purpose of the treatment is to eliminate the deceased pulp and tissues to prevent the infection from spreading further. Doing so removes the infection and preserves the natural structure of the tooth.

Is the treatment necessary even after the pain disappeared?

An infection can cause a person to feel some pain that disappears at some point. However, a discomfort that goes away does not mean that the tooth has been treated. What’s best is for the patient to book regular visits for the dentist to diagnose the presence of an infection properly. Once seen, necessary actions would then be taken.

Is root canal painful?

Most patients feel scared at the thought of undergoing a root canal due to the possible pain associated with it. However, what they don’t know is, it is the spreading infection which is painful and not the procedure itself. Besides, dentists can administer local anesthesia prior to the scheduled treatment to make the experience more pleasant.

How long does the treatment take?

Approximately, a root canal treatment lasts for an hour or two, and the visit can be completed in a single sitting. However, there are instances when patients are required to book a follow-up visit. Make sure to do so to avoid future problems.

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