Helpful Tips to Overcome Dental Fear

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Many people do not look forward to a dental visit, even if most procedures are not painful. Some just feel stressed to book a dental appointment, while others can live with anxiety when going to the dentist. However, it is a different story for those with dental phobia as the thought of undergoing a dental procedure can be terrifying. These people can be so frightened that they will do everything they can to avoid a dental appointment. 

Dental anxiety and phobia may be common; however, according to estimates, about 30 million to 40 million people avoid dental visits. Meaning, millions of people are not getting dental care and attention they deserve. If you are one of these people, we at Cambridge Dental Group have prepared some tips that will help you get through. Read on!

patient with dental anxiety

Recognize what scares you 

Coming into terms with your anxiety or fear of going to the dentist will help you better understand your feelings and address them. You can do this by writing your concerns down so that you can talk about them better. This will not only help you recognize them but also aid your dentist in explaining the cause of your anxiety or phobia. Through this, a professional can help you deal with what terrifies you for a more pleasant experience in the future.

Find ways to reduce your fears gradually

For people with dental fear, visits are not just about getting a procedure done, but also to create a pleasurable experience. Through this, any fear or anxiety can be reduced. If you find the right dentist, they will not rush you into treatment if you feel uncomfortable. See if your dentist can start with milder treatments so you can relax in the dental chair. Once you’re ready, you can ask your dentist for advanced procedures.

Bring a companion with you during dental treatments

When you are about to undergo a dental appointment, bring someone with you. May it be a friend or family member, it is best to have someone to provide assurance and support. Inquire if it is possible to have your companion accompany you even during a procedure. It is also recommended to go with someone who does not have any fears about going to the dentist. Moreover, schedule an appointment in the morning to you can spend less time worrying about the procedure.

Consider sedation dentistry options

In order to feel more calm and relaxed during treatment, sedation can be administered to help you. Discuss your options with the dentist to find out which sedative will work best for you.

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