Helpful Tips When Dental Emergencies Occur

Accidents and injuries in the mouth can happen at all times of the day or night. Some injuries in the mouth may need immediate medical attention, while others can wait until the dentist’s regular business hours. That is why it is essential to know what kinds of injuries require emergency dental care to ensure the condition of their oral health. 

Any dental emergency can potentially cause serious harm to oral health and should not be ignored. Disregarding a dental problem can put the person at high risk of permanent damage that will result in a more extensive and costly treatment later on. 

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Below are some common dental emergencies and tips on how they should be handled when these dental emergencies arise:

  • Toothaches 

Toothaches are one of the most dental issues that children and adults encounter. To help relieve pain, they must thoroughly rinse their mouth with warm water. Remove any food particles left in between the teeth using a dental floss. If the mouth is swollen, they can apply a cold compress outside of the affected area. Never put aspirin or any other pain painkillers against the gums near the aching tooth. Putting aspirin or painkillers may burn the gum tissue. See the dentist as soon as possible.

  • Knocked-out tooth

When a tooth is knocked out, it is crucial to retrieve the tooth by holding it by the crown. Rinse off the knocked-out tooth with water to remove the dirt but do not scrub or remove any attached tissue fragments. If possible, try to put the tooth back correctly back in its place, but remember not to force it into the socket. If it seems impossible to reinsert the tooth in the socket, place it in a small container of milk or water that contains a pinch of table salt. See the dentist immediately or within an hour of being knocked out so that the tooth can still be saved.

  • Broken braces and wires

There can be instances where wires in braces will break or sticks out and pokes the cheek, tongue, or gums. For this problem, they can try to use the eraser end of a pencil to push the wire into a more comfortable position. If it is impossible to reposition the wires, they can cover the end with orthodontic wax, a small cotton ball, or a piece of gauze until they reach the dental office. Always remember never to cut the wire because they may end up swallowing or breathing it into their lungs

  • Objects caught in between their teeth

For this dental issue, they can use dental floss in removing the stuck object carefully in between their teeth. If they can’t get the object out, they should see their dentist as soon as possible. Never use a pin or sharp objects to poke at the stuck object, for this can cut or scratch their gums and tooth surface.

  • Chipped or broken teeth

When their tooth has been chipped or broken, they should save any pieces of the tooth. Rinsing their mouth and any broken pieces with warm water is also essential. If bleeding occurs, apply a piece of gauze on the bleeding area for about 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops. Applying a cold compress outside of the mouth is also necessary to relieve any pain and minimize swelling. They should see the dentist immediately.

  • Abscess

Abscesses are infections that occur around the tooth’s root or in spaces between the teeth. This is considered a serious condition because it can damage tissue and surrounding teeth; infection can possibly spread to other parts of the body if left untreated. When this occurs, they must see their dentist as soon as possible. However, they can ease the pain and draw the pus toward the surface by rinsing their mouth with mild salt water solution several times a day.

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