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Teeth whitening is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedure nowadays due to its quick and effective results in making the teeth beautiful, as well as healthy. More and more products are available in the market today that can be purchased over the counter, and even DIYs are being introduced. But dentists do not recommend these products since it can be ineffective in providing even results and may also cause irritations when used.

The idea of brightening the teeth has been around for thousands of years. People kept their teeth clean by chewing on frayed sticks while other civilizations developed techniques for effective whitening. The techniques they came up with may be effective, but it causes more harm to the teeth than provide better overall care.


Teeth Whitening


Ancient Attempts for Teeth Whitening

  • Ancient Egyptians used a mixture of ground pumice and wine vinegar as a paste that is brushed on the teeth with a frayed stick.
  • Ancient Romans use stale human urine and goat’s milk. It is because of the amounts of ammonia found in urine that can slightly whiten the teeth due to its acidity.
  • A mixture of sage and salt is also used to rub in the teeth with Elecampane flower.
  • Barbers also handled dental healthcare at some point in time. For teeth whitening they use a metal file on the teeth then nitric acid is painted on its surface.
  • Physicians also recommended the use of oxalic acid, but it caused more damage than an improvement on the teeth.

Thankfully, as the years went by, a solution has been unintentionally discovered when dentists were experimenting for the cure of gum disease. It is a peroxide-based solution that worked well with the gums but also has the effect of whitening the teeth. Since then the solutions used are improved for better results without compromising the safety and comfort of patients.

At Cambridge Dental Group, we help provide the bright and healthy-looking smiles everyone has ever wanted with Professional Teeth Whitening service. We offer brands such as Opalescence and Zoom since they are two of the most respected brands in the field of teeth whitening nowadays.

Whitening does not only provide brighter teeth, but it also helps remove any harmful bacterias stuck in the mouth. By providing brighter smiles, teens and adults alike can enjoy smiling to their heart’s content confidently since their dental concern is well taken care of. Boost your overall health and wellness with Teeth whitening and smile confidently without any worries.


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