Little-Known Facts About Dentures in Dearborn Heights, MI

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Dentures are often famous for being the most in-demand dental restoration. However, there are other things that people do not know yet about the said restorative device. That being said, our practice at Cambridge Dental Group included below the little-known facts about dentures—most of which are helpful to those who ought to consider replacing their lost smiles with the dental appliance.


Things About Dentures That You May Not Know

Dentures’ Fitting Can Change over Time

As much as we want to give our patients a restorative device that perfectly fits in their mouths, it is impossible for dentures to offer a comfortable fit for long years. The problem is not on the prosthesis itself but with the wearer’s oral structure instead. The gums, for instance, are subject to alterations when the bone is no longer present in the jaw. When the pink tissues shrink, this results in poor-fitting dentures afterward.

Lower Dentures Are Challenging to Wear

Patients may find it a tricky task to wear lower dentures. It is possible for the tongue or lips to move the oral device when eating as well as speaking. Lower dentures may also increase the chance of ‘food traps.’ These discomforts, however, will be lessened as soon as wearers completely adjust to the prosthesis.

Palates Play a Role in Keeping Dentures in Place

The roof of the mouth of each person differs in shapes and sizes. Some palates appear to be small and flat; others create a ‘V’ shape. They may even show as square or rounded—these two palate shapes offer the best fit and suction to dentures.

Dentures Do Not Last Forever

The oral device needs to be checked by the dentist annually to maintain it in good condition. Dentures cannot withstand for a lifetime; they should be relined or replaced when necessary.

Adhesives Are Every Denture-Wearer’s Best Buddy

Denture adhesives do more than just keeping the oral device intact. The said solution also seal out food particles so they won’t settle under the teeth replacement. When dentures are stabilized, and trapped foods are prevented, wearers can confidently eat or speak.

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