Reasons Why Retainers Are an Important Part of Orthodontic Treatment

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There is a lot of work that goes into aligning your teeth. If you spent years wearing braces or aligners, you might have experienced some challenging moments. The day you finally say goodbye to your orthodontic appliance is a special one. However, your orthodontic journey doesn’t end yet—you need to go a little further.

Maintaining a straightened smile as just as important as its creation. That is why, after taking off your braces or aligners, you need to undergo the second phase of your treatment, which is the retention period. During this phase, you would need to wear the retainers to keep your smile straight. All in all, the overall success of your orthodontic treatment will depend on how diligent you wear your retainers.

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Here at Cambridge Dental Group, we highly recommend the use of retainers. To help you understand why we will discuss some of the reasons below. Read on.

Retainers hold space for wisdom teeth

Preteens and teenagers, people whose bodies are still developing, are the ones who commonly avail of braces. The period when they start wearing retainers is the same time when their wisdom teeth erupt. Thus, diligently using a retainer will help in maintaining the necessary space in the jaw to accommodate wisdom teeth. By constantly wearing retainers, It is guaranteed that the teeth won’t shift or crowd due to not having enough space.

Retainers can stabilize your bite

After your braces are removed, your soft tissues and bone will need time to adapt to the new positioning of your teeth. As the teeth slowly stabilize in their new places, they are unlikely to move out of their positions. By wearing your retainers for 12 to 22 hours per day, for at least two months, the relapse of the teeth can be avoided.

Retainers help your teeth hold their position

If you’ve used braces to fix the gaps in your teeth, it will take a longer time for your teeth to stabilize. This is also the case for issues like severely displaced teeth, large overbites, and underbites. Since your teeth have to move a considerable distance to be repositioned, they should be constrained in their new positions until the mouth can get used to the changes. To achieve this, make sure to wear your retainers as advised.


As you now know the importance of wearing retainers, make sure to follow the instructions given by our dentist after undergoing any of our Orthodontic offers in Dearborn Heights, MI! Call or visit us at Cambridge Dental Group to get started with your journey to straighter, healthier teeth. We are located at 27281 W. Warren Street, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127.