Restore Your Smile With Dentures

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It’s hard to feel confident about the way you look when tooth loss is an issue. Dentures offer a simple way to restore your smile and your self-confidence. The dentists at Cambridge Dental Group in Dearborn Heights, MI share information about dentures.

Dentures offer more than cosmetic benefits

Dentures help you feel better about the way you look, but also offer several other important advantages. When you lose multiple teeth, denturesit’s hard to speak clearly. Dentures restore your ability to communicate effectively with other people. Tooth loss also makes eating many foods difficult, particularly if you’ve lost your molars. When you choose dentures, you’ll no longer have to limit your diet to liquids and soft foods.

Denture Types

Your Dearborn Heights dentist will recommend one of several denture types, including:

Full dentures: As the name implies, full dentures replace all of your teeth in both your lower and upper jaw. Your new teeth are created based on an impression of the structures in your mouth for a better fit. False teeth are mounted to a gum-colored base that fits snugly against your gums and the roof of your mouth.

Immediate dentures: You receive immediate dentures after your dentist pulls your teeth. During a prior visit, your dentist makes impressions of the teeth that are used to create your new dentures. Once the teeth are extracted, the dentures are placed in your mouth. Immediate dentures may need to be adjusted or relined a few months after you receive them, due to changes in your mouth or jaw following teeth extraction.

Partial dentures: If you’re missing a few teeth, partial dentures may be the perfect tooth replacement option for you. This type of denture is removable and is attached by hooks that are placed over healthy teeth.

Overdentures: Overdentures are recommended if you have broken teeth or fragments of teeth that still have strong roots. Because teeth roots help keep your jaw strong, it’s a good idea to retain them if possible. Overdentures fit over the remnants of your teeth.

Implant-retained dentures: These dentures are held in place by a dental implant, a small screw-like titanium device designed to mimic your tooth roots. Because the implants fuse with your jawbone, they provide a secure foundation for your dentures, giving you peace of mind as well as improved chewing function. A 2 implant-retained lower denture is now pretty much the standard of care.

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