Sealants- Teeth Protection in Dearborn Heights, MI

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A tooth may be little, but it can do various things to keep a person healthy. Compromising a single structure and leaving it unattended can put the overall oral health at risk. Thankfully, the outer surface of the teeth (enamel) is considered the strongest substance in the human body. With that said, it is still susceptible to damage especially when neglected.

Thankfully, there are now various treatment options that can be performed to save or preserve the teeth from damage. One solution, however, is not too familiar to a lot of patients. Others think of it as something that only children can avail. The truth is, patients at any age as long as there are no decay present can benefit from the treatment.


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We at Cambridge Dental Group present Sealants! It is a type of dental coating made of plastic that can be placed directly on the teeth for added protection. Of all the teeth that are present in the jaw, molars and premolars are the ones that can benefit from it the most. It is because of the location and the anatomy of these particular teeth. Most of the time, molars and premolars which are located in the back portion of the jaw have pits and fissures on its surface. The problem is, these could be deep enough to allow toothbrush bristles to reach inside and remove any harmful buildups.

Fortunately, with the liquid-like property of sealants, it can flow freely to all areas of the chewing surface to provide better coverage. For those who are wondering why is it essential to place sealants on these deep fissures and pits, it is to keep away harmful bacteria and acids. These substances if left on the teeth can gradually erode the enamel and lead to cavities. Once a cavity spreads on a tooth, it can compromise the strength or the structure and even spread to the adjacent healthy teeth.

Sealants aim to flatten the chewing surfaces to allow easy access when brushing the teeth. It makes it easier for patients to get rid of any harmful substances that can put oral health at risk. As it is a noninvasive treatment, anyone at any age can avail of the service without any fear or worries.

Since we at Cambridge Dental Group aim to provide only the best dental care for our patients, aside from sealants they can also avail of our fluoride application service for overall oral health protection.


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