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One of the most common sleep disorder Americans experience is sleep apnea. Despite it being a widespread problem, many cases are still left undiagnosed. That is because the apparent signs usually manifest while the sufferer is asleep. There are also people who are already aware of the condition; however, they choose to be oblivious since they do not know its possible consequences.

Sleep Apnea

We at Cambridge Dental Group understand how devastating untreated sleep apnea can be, that is why we want our patients to be aware, so proper measures can be taken. Continue reading to know more.

Sleep Apnea: Signs and Symptoms

Frequent Headaches

People suffering from sleep apnea are more likely to have headaches due to the reduced amount of oxygen that causes the blood vessels to widen.


One of the most common thing people who suffer from sleep apnea experience is loud and chronic snoring. This annoying sound is produced due to the partial blockage of the airways during sleep. And since a person snores only while they are sleeping, the ones who hear this are bed partners or family members. However, snoring is not always a symptom of sleep apnea, so it is best to get a proper diagnosis.

High Blood Pressure

People who suffer from sleep apnea can also experience hypertension the same way the condition causes headaches. Once the brain notices the lack of oxygen, it can trigger the rise of blood pressure to kick start the system. Although it is useful, it can be harmful in the long run as it can lead to chronic hypertension that can happen anytime, even during the day.

Weight Gain

It is said that people who are overweight are more likely to experience sleep apnea due to the excessive growth of tissues in the neck area. At the same time, sufferers are also more likely to gain weight due to the disorder. Lack of sleep can cause a person to crave sweets and carbs while also depleting their energy to exercise.

Some of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea aside from the ones listed above are moodiness, dry mouth (after waking up), difficulty in focusing, insomnia, hypersomnia, and breathing issues.

At our practice, aside from providing simple tips for the effective habits to perform at home, we have professional means to help patients manage the symptoms of sleep apnea like CPAP devices, EPAP therapy, Surgery, and Mouth Guards.

To know the most effective means for Sleep Apnea treatment in Dearborn Heights, MI, visit us at Cambridge Dental Group!