Things to Think About Before Getting Veneers in Dearborn Heights, MI

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The fictions about veneers are overflowing. If you are not keen enough to distinguish which of them are true or not, you might end up missing the smile that you have always dreamed of. There are myths which say that veneers are fake-looking, or the processes involved in its application is overly invasive. Are they correct? Definitely, not. Let us at Cambridge Dental Group unlock the truths about dental veneers!


Facts About Veneers

The natural teeth are not removed

Many people thought that the placement of veneers might require the removal of the teeth. But in reality, the real teeth are kept in place. They are only reduced into certain sizes to provide a perfect fit for the prostheses. Besides, we at Cambridge Dental Group are ensured to preserve the natural teeth structure as much as possible, so we only scrape a small amount of the patient’s enamel.

Getting veneers takes several dental visits

Not all people are good candidates for veneers, so those who are planning to invest in the prostheses should schedule an initial consultation first. The dentist will then prepare the teeth that need veneers, get impressions, and bond the temporary prostheses. Patients are asked to come back to the clinic once the fabrication of the permanent veneers is done. So if you are thinking of fixing your teeth imperfections with veneers in an instant, unfortunately, that is not possible.

You can choose your new smile

With veneers, patients are free to customize their smile. The dentist can provide the right treatment scheme if they want to get rid of their pointy tooth or lengthen their pearly whites.

Veneers may need replacements

Despite the durability of the prostheses, they need to be replaced after ten years or depending on their conditions. The daily wear and tear may contribute to the chipping or breakage of the veneers. At the end of the day, the longevity of any dental devices depends on the wearer’s hands. We recommend giving veneers the care that they deserve by practicing proper oral hygiene, observing the right habits, and visiting us at Cambridge Dental Group twice a year for checkups.

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