What is a Smile Makeover? Dearborn Heights, MI

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Teeth irregularities could decrease self-esteem which can lead to poor social life. These dental problems make people conscious of how they look, speak, and even eat. Here at Cambridge Dental Group, we offer a Smile Makeover to improve the overall appearance and dental health of our patient.

A smile makeover is a personalized treatment plan depending on what the patient needs to provide a satisfactory service. The plan is consist of cosmetic and restorative treatments combined to restore the teeth structure and improve patient’s appearance considering their hair color, skin tone and health of the teeth and gums.


What are the Dental Issues a Smile Makeover can Fix?

A smile makeover aims to improve appearance and fix tooth imperfections. Here are the teeth irregularities a smile makeover can correct.

  • Tooth Color

For stained and discolored teeth, teeth whitening procedure is offered to bring back the pearly white smile of the patient. The treatment involves the application of a whitening agent that is then activated by light to quickly brighten the teeth and provide a youthful and whiter smile.

  • Damaged or Missing Teeth

Broken and missing teeth affects not only the physical appearance and smile of a person but also the dental health. Chipped, cracked, and missing teeth are dental issues which need to be treated to avoid further oral complications. With the help of smile makeover treatments such as veneers, bonding, and implants, such problems will be addressed.

  • Spacing and Alignment

Some incidents may cause the teeth to misalign or be gapped. These problems not only affect the appearance but also the dental health of the patient. With the help of orthodontics and cosmetic treatments, the patient’s smile, as well as oral health, will improve.

The Smile Makeover Treatment

  • On the first step of the treatment, the patient will undergo a dental examination to evaluate the condition of the oral health
  • Next, a treatment plan will be formulated considering the dental condition and the personal preferences of the patient.
  • After formulating a treatment plan, a preview of the desired outcome will be shown to the patient through imaging software technologies.
  • If the patient is satisfied with the previewed outcome, the dentist will proceed to the treatment plan execution.
  • After the procedure, the dentist will recommend remedies to help the patient maintain the effect of the treatment.

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