Composite Bonding in
Dearborn Heights

Composite Bonding in Dearborn Heights

One of the quickest and easiest methods for improving the look of a person’s teeth is through composite bonding. The treatment consists of using tooth-colored resin to fix teeth that are damaged or decayed, while also boosting their overall appearance.

There are many uses for composite bonding, including:

  • Filling cavities
  • Fixing damaged teeth
  • Color restorations
  • Closing gaps
  • Adjusting uneven tooth heights
  • Correcting misshapen teeth
  • Protecting tooth roots

Due to the simplicity of the procedure, a composite bonding treatment can be completed in just one visit. The process starts by thoroughly cleaning the tooth and removing any decay or deterioration that is present. Next, we will decide on a specific shade of resin to use. The goal is to use resin with a color that appears both healthy and natural. The resin will be applied to the tooth in multiple layers and hardened using a dental curing light.

Once the tooth has obtained the desired level of thickness, it will be allowed to fully dry, so it reaches the proper consistency. To give the tooth a natural appearance, it will be buffed and polished. Once the patient is happy with the results, they will be provided with special instructions on how to properly care for the composite bonding. A composite bonding is designed to last from five to ten years with proper maintenance.

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T Wallace

Really enjoy Cambridge dental group, our whole family love the service and staff, professional and courteous.

Dominique L.

I can't say anything but good things about this place. My husband told me I was going to like it here & I honestly didn't want to believe him. But they're so friendly & nice, & they make sure your comfortable at all times. If the dentist is taking a while the assistants will come just to check in on you. I only gave 4 stars because I've only been here 3 time, twice was for me. Other than that Cambridge is awesome overall!

Sandra K.

Absolutely the best !! I have been terrified of dentists and needles in my mouth, all my life. At 61 years old I an abscess tooth taken care of. Well to my surprise the staff and Danielle were wonderful in calming my fears, and Dr. Mustafa was amazing causing me no pain! Needless to say i went on for the next 4 months having all my dental problems corrected! I will never be afraid again !! Thank you, thank you!
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