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Strong teeth are one of the most important components of good oral health. When tooth loss occurs, everyday tasks such as chewing and speaking can become incredibly difficult. The loss of teeth also dampens a person’s appearance, and it can quickly lead to other issues, including the deterioration of the jawbone, loss of facial structure, severe bite imbalances and undesired tooth shifts.

The oral care experts at Cambridge Dental Group provide patients missing some or all of their teeth with custom-built, natural-looking dentures that are designed to eliminate the serious problems associated with tooth loss. As part of our denture services, we offer patients denture stabilization implants and fixed dentures.

Denture Stabilization Implants

Dentures consist of prosthetic, artificial teeth attached to a gum-colored base. They are worn inside the mouth to provide the function and appearance of healthy, natural teeth. Although they can take some getting used to, dentures are designed to feel completely natural and comfortable. At Cambridge Dental Group, we recommend either removable dentures with denture stabilization implants or fixed dentures because of their superior quality over traditional suction-based dentures.

Removable dentures with denture stabilization implants utilize a permanently implanted metal framework to remain securely in place even while talking or eating. The framework can be installed in just one minimally-invasive surgery, and it should last a lifetime with proper maintenance. When it’s time for cleaning, removable dentures can be taken out of the mouth and then quickly reinserted by the user. With proper care, a set of removable dentures typically lasts up to eight years.

Fixed Dentures

One of the most popular denture options, fixed dentures utilize four to six dental implants to remain attached within the wearer’s mouth at all times. Since dental implants are designed to function the same as natural tooth roots, people with fixed dentures say that they feel no different from natural teeth. Additionally, many patients prefer fixed dentures because they provide the best performance in terms of strength and stability. If cared for properly, a set of fixed dentures can last an entire lifetime.

If you are suffering from tooth loss, and you would like to learn more about the options that are available to you, please contact our office to arrange for a consultation. Call us at (313) 261-0966 to schedule an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"Really enjoy Cambridge dental group, our whole family love the service and staff, professional and courteous."

T Wallace T Wallace

"I can't say anything but good things about this place. My husband told me I was going to like it here & I honestly didn't want to believe him. But they're so friendly & nice, & they make sure your comfortable at all times. If the dentist is taking a while the assistants will come just to check in on you. I only gave 4 stars because I've only been here 3 time, twice was for me. Other than that Cambridge is awesome overall!"

Dominique L Dominique L.

"Absolutely the best !! I have been terrified of dentists and needles in my mouth, all my life. At 61 years old I an abscess tooth taken care of. Well to my surprise the staff and Danielle were wonderful in calming my fears, and Dr. Mustafa was amazing causing me no pain! Needless to say i went on for the next 4 months having all my dental problems corrected! I will never be afraid again !! Thank you, thank you!"

Sandra K Sandra K.
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