Pediatric Dentistry in
Dearborn Heights

Pediatric Dentistry in Dearborn Heights

At Cambridge Dental Group, we strive to provide a fun and comfortable environment for patients of all ages. We understand the importance of a strong dental foundation, and we know that starting early is the best way to ensure good oral health later in life. Our caring team of dental health experts offers help with a child’s first dental visit, complete dental checkups, preventive treatments, dental restorations, emergency dentistry and spacers for kids.

Come and see why Cambridge Dental Group is the number one center for all of your child’s oral care needs, and we’ll show your child that the dentist’s office can be a pretty cool place!

The First Visit

The dental care experts at Cambridge Dental Group advise parents to bring in their child for their first dental visit by the time they turn one year old. Visiting the dentist at this early age allows children to become familiar with the process early in their development. This helps to establish a foundation of trust and comfort for future visits.

Parents can use this initial visit to address any questions or concerns that they might have about their child’s oral care practices. During this time, we also provide information on teething, cavity prevention, brushing and flossing habits, thumb sucking and more.

Complete Checkups

Just like adults, children and teens should visit our practice at least twice a year for a complete dental checkup. These regularly-scheduled checkups are very important for monitoring your child’s dental development and looking out for any serious issues that might require immediate attention. Our complete dental checkups for kids and teens include a professional teeth cleaning, digital X-rays if necessary and an oral cancer screening. These visits are also used to provide parents with information on how to properly care for their child’s teeth.

Preventive Treatments

Children and teens can make use of many proactive preventive treatments that go a long way towards protecting their teeth from more serious issues. Some of these preventive treatments include dental sealants, topical fluoride applications and mouth guards for kids and teens who play contact sports.

Dental Restorations

As your child’s teeth continue to grow and develop, it may become necessary for some intervention in the form of dental restorations. Not everyone goes through the same path to having beautiful, healthy teeth as an adult, but we are ready to help your child get there. Many children make use of dental crowns, bridgework, braces or aligners to help get them on track for outstanding oral health. With our help, your child can have teeth that look fantastic so that they can feel confident amongst their peers.

Emergency Dentistry

You never know when a dental emergency is going to occur, and Cambridge Dental Group provides emergency treatment for patients of all ages. If your child ever requires immediate dental treatment, we will be ready to help them every step of the way. Our caring team of dental health specialists will do everything possible to make your child feel comfortable and relaxed during this potentially scary event, while also providing outstanding treatment and service. Your child’s teeth are in the best possible care with Cambridge Dental Group.


Dental space maintainers are special bands that are worn over the teeth to prevent them from moving. They are most commonly used when children lose their baby molars, and having the surrounding teeth move could cause undesired effects. Spacers are very discreet, and nobody will be able to tell your child is using one unless they specifically show them. Wearing a dental spacer is a fantastic method for preventing a future need for more serious treatment, including braces or oral surgery. We recommend that parents talk to our oral care specialists when their child begins to lose their back teeth to find out if spacers could be a good option to save them trouble further down the road.

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T Wallace

Really enjoy Cambridge dental group, our whole family love the service and staff, professional and courteous.

Dominique L.

I can't say anything but good things about this place. My husband told me I was going to like it here & I honestly didn't want to believe him. But they're so friendly & nice, & they make sure your comfortable at all times. If the dentist is taking a while the assistants will come just to check in on you. I only gave 4 stars because I've only been here 3 time, twice was for me. Other than that Cambridge is awesome overall!

Sandra K.

Absolutely the best !! I have been terrified of dentists and needles in my mouth, all my life. At 61 years old I an abscess tooth taken care of. Well to my surprise the staff and Danielle were wonderful in calming my fears, and Dr. Mustafa was amazing causing me no pain! Needless to say i went on for the next 4 months having all my dental problems corrected! I will never be afraid again !! Thank you, thank you!
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