"As always, very professional. Can't thank the staff enough for fitting me in to be able to do some dental procedures in advance of my dental insurance expiring (I just retired and insurance was running out at the end of the month)! Was greatly appreciated!"

"My sons first experience was a good one thanks to his hygienist, Christina. She calmed his nerves and explained every step so there would be no surprises. He walked out saying that the tooth doctor is nothing to be scared of"

"I have only been going to Cambridge Dental for a couple of years and their team makes you feel like family right away. I have just had some major dental work done and except for a little discomfort I felt no real pain. I recommend Cambridge Dental for everyone."

"I have been going to this office for nearly 30 years and have always had the very best care. The staff and Dr. Wilson treat me kindly and with respect (I'm a nervous wreck at the dentist). I recommend this office to everyone for treatment."

"My brother referred me to Cambridge Dental. I have thanked him numerous times. I love them. I never would have thought I would say that about a dental group. Everyone is so friendly. I no longer dread going to the dentist. I wish I had started going to them years ago."

"My wife and I have been going to Cambridge for over 20 years for all of our dental care. In all this time Dr. Sklar has taken excellent care of us. He is a perfectionist and it shows in his work. Everyone who works there is very friendly and they do a very good job. I'd also like to give a special shout out to Tanya, she keeps my teeth shiny and bright. I highly recommend Cambridge Dental Group to anyone who is looking for quality dental care."

"Wow! What a difference! I came to Cambridge Dental because I had heard they were starting sleep apnea testing. I knew that I had sleep apnea and that my snoring was loud, but I could never use the c-pap machine. I came in to see Dr. Wilson. He and his staff sent me home with a portable machine to test my sleeping for one night. After reading my results, they informed me that I was an extreme case and would be perfect for the apparatice (mouth guard). They took impressions of my mouth and a month later, I was fitted with my mouth guard. From the first night, I stopped snoring and I slept through the night only getting up once instead of my usual 4-5 times. My wife was shocked to hear me breathe through my nose and how quiet the house was. She says I have color back in my cheeks. I feel more rested when I get up. I would definitely recommend seeing Dr. Wilson and his staff if you have sleep apnea. It really helps and it really works! Thank you Dr. Wilson and the staff at Cambridge Dental."

"I just wanted to take time out to leave a comment, and this is something that I never do. I am truly appreciative of the care I received at Cambridge. I had gone to another dentist with a very bad toothache and was told it would be 2300 to fix the tooth, I did not have that kind of cash so I left with an antibiotic and instruction to take over the counter Motrin. When I went to Cambridge they found the same problem but offered a medicated filling to take away the pain temporarily because I was going on vacation the following week. I loved the fact that they listened to everything I said and made sure I was comfortable. I will definitely be going back."

"This has been my best dental experience ever. When I speak to friends and family about dental care I rave about Cambridge."

"I normally do not like to go to dental offices. However, the people (all of them!) and the dentist were the kindest and most calming anywhere. I will be back and will have told any friends and family about Cambridge."

"Coming to Cambridge has changed how I feel about going to the dentist. That’s exactly what the person who referred me to Cambridge also said. Great group. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable."

"My family and I love Cambridge Dental! We've had great service for 10 years.My daughter now has braces and they're coming off sooner then expected.Thanks to the Dentists, Gina,Dominique, Miranda, and the entire Cambridge Dental Group!! WE ❤️YOU!!!!!!!"

"I would like to thank Dr. Sklar and his assitant for taking such great care of me today. I have been putting off going to the dentist because I’m really scared of them. After having a toothache for several days, I couldn’t take it any more.
They got me in the same day I called even though I wasn’t a patient there. I had an abcess and they extracted my tooth. I didn’t feel a thing ! His assistant (sorry, I can’t remember her name) ,but she actually held my hand because I’m such a baby.
Also, after calling several other dentists, they had the fairest price. The staff were all professional, and very kind.
I will never tough it out with a toothache again. I am spreading the word to my friends.
I feel blessed that I found them."

"I woke up Saturday morning with a shooting pain in my tooth. I called Cambridge Dental and they got me an appointment no problem, which usually isn’t that easy for a Saturday. This was my first time at Cambridge Dental, but I think I have found myself a new dentist! From the moment I walked in I had nothing but a positive experience. Although my situation was puzzling to them, they took the time to figure out what was going on, a simple adjustment and today I am pain free! I also like the fact that everything is done while you are in the chair, from x-rays to the next appointment scheduling. I would definitely recommend Cambridge Dental to others, in fact I just made my dad his consultation appointment so he can have the same great experience with his dental visits!"

"My husband and I were ready for a new dentist. After a year & 1/2 and of trying to find the right match I believe we finally have! We both saw Dr. Clarkson, she was very personable and we both appreciated the fact she took more than a few minutes to speak with us. From the desk,ex-rays,exam and cleaning: everything was top notch. I loved the customer service and teamwork that each employee presented. I am Happy and Relieved that we have found a reliable practice that truly cares! Thank you! See you in February!"

"Dr. Sklar and Staff
I’ve been a patient for many years and definitely appreciate the cleanliness, courteous staff, and timely manner of all my appointments. Most of all, I like not having the terrible fears that I had as a kid, at the very thought of going to the dentist! Dr. Sklar and staff, your gentle touch, your skill, and your patience all have made my dental visits much more comfortable than ever before. I’ve enjoyed seeing this practice grow over the years and the “people skills” have grown as well. Thank you for continued good quality of care!"

"Dr. Ingalls & Staff –
I cannot thank you enough for my new smile. I love it! Braces as an adult were no walk in the park but, very well worth it. Plus, the 25 lb. weight loss was an added bonus!
Thank you!"

"I enjoyed getting my teeth cleaned today. Jennis, Dr. Clarkson, and the hygienist were very friendly and informative. I particularly liked viewing my teeth on a monitor while the doctor was explaining how and why I grind my teeth. I look forward to my next cleaning in October. Thank you Jennis for referring me, my wife, and three children. Give her a merit increase."

"I simply cannot say enough good things about Cambridge Dental Group. The staff are very in tune to the special considerations required to care for special needs individuals. My daughter loves to come here."

"Thank you for seeing me for an E.R. tooth extraction-the day after Thanksgiving! Everything went quickly and painlessly!"

"I am amazed at the wonderful care that I have received at Cambridge Dental Group under the care of Dr. Wilson. He and his team has gone above and beyond the call of duty and I really appreciate that so much! Thank-you so much! You have helped me come over my fears. You have been amazing. See you Wednesday."

"Dr. Clarkson
Recently, I was experiencing ear, neck and sholder pain. I was told by an ENT that I had TMJ disorder. I was surprised to hear this, especially because I am a dentist. I saw Dr. Clarkson, she fitted me with a bite guard and after 3 days, my ear, neck and sholder pain was gone! I can’t thank Dr. Clarkson enough for her thorough examination and her excellent diagnosis."

"I was very pleased with the help that I got from Cambridge. The staff was nice to me. I will be back to Cambridge because I need profesional help."

"Kim & Carol
Kim & Carol & staff were great with my family. Keep up the good work!"

"She’s back…..! and..I just drove over 160 miles one way to get the kind of dental care I have only found at Cambridge Dental. My husband Cliff and I were patients back around 2001/2002, but had a handicap accessible home built on Half Moon Lake in Stanton Michigan and moved January of 2003. Since that time I have been hopping from one dentist to the next trying to get the quality care we received at Cambridge Dental, as well as the added help of the dental plan to meet our financial needs as we pay out of pocket. After punishing ourselves and our teeth, not getting the kind of care we expect and need, we finally decided it was well worth the gas money and effort to drive back to Dearborn Heights. Even with the cost of gas, the dental needs we have are still less expensive, and the quality of care and dental expertise far surpass what was available to us in Montcalm County. I way….so love…my dentist; Dr. Sklar….and I can not forget the excellent care and great conversation I have come to expect and enjoy from my hygienist, Kim. Thank you both for taking such good care of my teeth. Dr. Sklar is such a perfectionist….OMGosh! I no longer feel guilty for being one myself…as that is one of his qualities I love the most. I do know I have driven many an assistant crazy in my line of work as a Workers’ Compensation Claims Examiner, oh well, many a person benefitted from this sometimes annoying character flaw…or what I consider, the edge that makes someone outstanding over just average! Keep up the great work Dr. Sklar! You have a patient for life! Just want to mention our prior dentists as well; Dr. Brant, who I saw…yes..and loved too, as well as Dr. Clarkson, who treated my husband Cliff. Dr. Brant may not remember me but I am sure Dr. Clarkson will remember Cliff as he is quadriplegic and drives a large electric wheelchair, which sometimes caused a bit of problems with the equipment and seating area within the cubicles. She sure could pull a tooth when need be…making this procedure much easier, quicker and less painful than Cliff can ever remember. Since his care, Cliff had to have all his teeth removed due to dry mouth, which was in relationship to the amount and kinds of medications he has been on for years. He has not been doing as well as we would like over the past few years, but hope that we can schedule an appointment to have his dentures looked at in the near future. I still would like to acknowledge the office staff and how positive, happy and helpful they are each and every time I am in town for an appointment. What a wonderful group of people you have working together. You seem more like a family than a business, which I can never say enough about, because this atmosphere that you have created, only exists if everyone is treated fairly, and is respected for their role within the company, which in turn makes average employees into superstars who treat the customers as they have been treated, and that makes for good business. Kudo’s to everyone from the bottom up, and from the top down. You are a shining example for many a company in America today. See you all in August….Dee"

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