Welcome to Cambridge Dental Group

To help our patients have the best dental experience possible. WE ACCOMPLISH THIS BY:

  • Providing a caring staff that is well trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of dental practice;
  • Easing our patients’ fears through listening and answering questions compassionately;
  • Providing patients with the highest level of service while keeping costs within reason;
  • Encouraging open lines of communication between patients, doctors and staff;
  • Staying current on the newest information, techniques, products and equipment.
  • Allowing patients to request an appointment online.

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Our Promise To You:
Clean office and courteous people
Always aiming to please
Maintaining a professional atmosphere
Bright and beautiful smiles
Remembering that the patient is the reason we exist
Insisting on only the best
Dedicated doctors and staff
Gentle dental care
Excellent care and consideration
Watch Our Video Testimonial

Video Testimonial
Testimonial By: Denise Copeland (Kuptz)
"She's back.....! and..I just drove over 160 miles one way to get the kind of dental care I have only found at Cambridge Dental. My husband Cliff and I were patients back around 2001/2002, but had a handicap accessible home built on Half Moon Lake in Stanton Michigan and moved January of 2003. Since that time I have been hopping from one dentist to the next trying to get the quality care we received at Cambridge Dental, as well as the added help of the dental plan to meet our financial needs as we pay out of pocket. After punishing ourselves and our teeth, not getting the kind of care we expect and need, we finally decided it was well worth the gas money and effort to drive back to Dearborn Heights. Even with the cost of gas, the dental needs we have are still less expensive, and the quality of care and dental expertise far surpass what was available to us in Montcalm County. I way....so love...my dentist; Dr. Sklar....and I can not forget the excellent care and great conversation I have come to expect and enjoy from my hygienist, Kim. Thank you both for taking such good care of my teeth. Dr. Sklar is such a perfectionist....OMGosh! I no longer feel guilty for being one myself...as that is one of his qualities I love the most. I do know I have driven many an assistant crazy in my line of work as a Workers' Compensation Claims Examiner, oh well, many a person benefitted from this sometimes annoying character flaw...or what I consider, the edge that makes someone outstanding over just average! Keep up the great work Dr. Sklar! You have a patient for life! Just want to mention our prior dentists as well; Dr. Brant, who I saw...yes..and loved too, as well as Dr. Clarkson, who treated my husband Cliff. Dr. Brant may not remember me but I am sure Dr. Clarkson will remember Cliff as he is quadriplegic and drives a large electric wheelchair, which sometimes caused a bit of problems with the equipment and seating area within the cubicles. She sure could pull a tooth when need be...making this procedure much easier, quicker and less painful than Cliff can ever remember. Since his care, Cliff had to have all his teeth removed due to dry mouth, which was in relationship to the amount and kinds of medications he has been on for years. He has not been doing as well as we would like over the past few years, but hope that we can schedule an appointment to have his dentures looked at in the near future. I still would like to acknowledge the office staff and how positive, happy and helpful they are each and every time I am in town for an appointment. What a wonderful group of people you have working together. You seem more like a family than a business, which I can never say enough about, because this atmosphere that you have created, only exists if everyone is treated fairly, and is respected for their role within the company, which in turn makes average employees into superstars who treat the customers as they have been treated, and that makes for good business. Kudo's to everyone from the bottom up, and from the top down. You are a shining example for many a company in America today. See you all in August....Dee"