Welcome to Cambridge Dental Group

To help our patients have the best dental experience possible. WE ACCOMPLISH THIS BY:

  • Providing a caring staff that is well trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of dental practice;
  • Easing our patients’ fears through listening and answering questions compassionately;
  • Providing patients with the highest level of service while keeping costs within reason;
  • Encouraging open lines of communication between patients, doctors and staff;
  • Staying current on the newest information, techniques, products and equipment.
Safe Oral & IV Sedation

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Our Promise To You:
Clean office and courteous people
Always aiming to please
Maintaining a professional atmosphere
Bright and beautiful smiles
Remembering that the patient is the reason we exist
Insisting on only the best
Dedicated doctors and staff
Gentle dental care
Excellent care and consideration
Watch Our Video Testimonial

Video Testimonial
Testimonial By: Dan Robinson
"Wow! What a difference! I came to Cambridge Dental because I had heard they were starting sleep apnea testing. I knew that I had sleep apnea and that my snoring was loud, but I could never use the c-pap machine. I came in to see Dr. Wilson. He and his staff sent me home with a portable machine to test my sleeping for one night. After reading my results, they informed me that I was an extreme case and would be perfect for the apparatice (mouth guard). They took impressions of my mouth and a month later, I was fitted with my mouth guard. From the first night, I stopped snoring and I slept through the night only getting up once instead of my usual 4-5 times. My wife was shocked to hear me breathe through my nose and how quiet the house was. She says I have color back in my cheeks. I feel more rested when I get up. I would definitely recommend seeing Dr. Wilson and his staff if you have sleep apnea. It really helps and it really works! Thank you Dr. Wilson and the staff at Cambridge Dental."